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The Grinch would not have been so Grumpy had he hired Vabrato!!!

A Vabrato Winter Holiday Observation by: Janet Whittemore & Mark Martinho

As we enter the holiday season, it is astounding to reflect upon how closely some of the old holiday classics can parallel one’s own Real Estate journey! For an agency that lives and breathes Real Estate, how is it possible that Vabrato overlooked the likelihood that the Grinch was just another victim of a Real Estate agency that sadly was not tuned in to its client’s needs?

Real Estate is about the best Location, Location, Location for the client! At Vabrato we are stumped as to why would any agent have sold the poor Grinch a remote and desolate plot of land high on Mt. Crumpet? Couldn’t his agent understand that this was a poor fit for the Grinch? Being up there only further isolated him and added to his sense of disenfranchisement and self-loathing? The fact that the Grinch’s cardiologist had diagnosed his heart three sizes too small was a big clue. A person with such a small heart should not be climbing such heights to get home! As real estate professionals, we also believe that the lack of convenient access to a town’s amenities like a good veterinarian for Max or experiencing community cheer like that found in towns like Who-Ville, San Carlos or Redwood City only further endangered the Grinch’s heart!

A good agent would have sold that remote and well appointed mountain abode that is Mt. Crumpet to a yoga loving athlete with a strong heart and a manbun. It’s the perfect place for peaceful and introspective self-reflection!

If Vabrato had been enlisted as the agency of choice, they would have listened to the Grinch’s needs, consulted his cardiologist, and picked up on the fact that the Grinch was a dog guy that needed a friendly and flat neighborhood to take Max on some long walks as he greeted friendly neighbors. Instead, the Grinch faced a treacherous commute down Mt. Crumpet which was huge barrier to access holiday cheer, Who Pudding, fun community events, or even the nearest dog park.

At Vabrato we find it gratifying that the Grinch discovered such an abundance of cheer that his heart grew to normal size. However, if this Holiday miracle has not occurred then we would have offered him well thought out economic options for enhancing his remote home on Mt. Crumpet to maximize its curb appeal and attractiveness on the MLS and internet. Vabrato would have seamlessly arranged for the upgrades, staging and photographs; taking the stress out of the process and allowing the Grinch time to explore fun communities like Who-Ville, San Carlos, or Redwood City! We’d get his home sold for top dollar and negotiated great terms on his new forever home. We believe that the pleasant experience of working with Vabrato would have also resulted in his heart growing back to normal size.