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Chary P.

"JUST SOLD by Viv!" This is to rave (not just put in a good word) about Viv as our realtor. She was there for us 110%. She gave her best and gave her all to achieve her A+ on this project: the sale of our condo in San Carlos. She was enthusiastic! She wanted to do this. And she did it with flying colors and excellently I might add. Let us give you an example. It is an hour before Open House. The pool was clean but not immaculate. There were some leaves in it. Viv went out to the pool, found the pool net and started swooping those leaves off the pool. You see, as a prospective buyer walked to our unit, up on the 3rd floor, they passed a hall that looked over the pool and spa. What better first impression than perfect was what she wanted to give. And she did! She stages, too! She and her husband, Myles, partnered a perfect showing of our wonderful condo. We couldn't have been happier with the outcome. We highly recommend Viv. It was very easy to work with her. We know you will be as pleased and satisfied. Thank you, Viv!!