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Rosario F.

If you want to put your home on the market, make it painless, and have a quick process, Viv is the right agent for you. Viv has a special talent and deep knowledge of the Bay Area housing market. I cannot recommend her highly enough! I've known her for many years and have connected her with my friends in the Peninsula to trust them in their listings. I initially met her when she helped my daughter and brother look at investment properties back in 2014 and she was very patient and very energetic. Viv, was always in the back of my mind to recommend her to my family and friends. Two of them just purchased from Viv within the last year. Viv is the perfect blend of professionalism and has a genuine character. I just referred a friend last year (2019) and my friend put her house on the market in August 2020. It was sold in 4 days.!!!! I was so happy to hear that my friend was beyond ecstatic working with Viv and she exceeded any expectations she had for selling her home. Viv guided her through getting the house ready to list and was very organized in the entire process. I look forward to referring future friends and family to Viv.