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Sharon L.

5 stars isn't high enough! Mark Martinho was the perfect real estate agent. My brother and I were selling a family home in San Carlos that was held in a trust and had been the family for over 50 years. We both live out of town. Mark orchestrated the entire re-model and staging. It was a huge job. He coordinated all of the workers, painters, floor people, haulers, and stagers. Mark has connections with people that do all of these things. We never had to lift a finger! Mark also has the knack for knowing exactly what needs to be done and how the house needs to look. We received well over the asking price. I know that was in a large part because of his eye for color and decor. Mark also holds a law degree. Although he does not practice law (that I know of), he is well-informed when it comes to the legalities of trust paperwork, proper filings with government agencies, and those kinds of things. Last but not least, Mark is personable and easy to work with. He went above and beyond what we would have ever expected a real estate agent to do. It is obvious he enjoys his work and takes pride in getting good results. He even went so far as to meet the fire department out at the house in the middle of the night when the fire alarm was malfunctioning. Now that is dedication! I highly recommend Mark for anyone looking for a top-notch real estate agent.