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My Outlook on Life

When all you ever wanted in life narrows down to just two things - a life with Christ and the people you love - you realize how blessed you already are. I think the most beautiful thing about the real estate business are the people - agents, brokers, and everyone involved - who understand that houses are more than just transactions; they are a painting of peoples' lives, memories, as well as their hopes and dreams.

My Skills at Work for You
  • Web Development

    I've been developing Wordpress Websites for several years now.

  • Web, Media, and Digital Design

    I work with Adobe Suite and are able to produce web design templates, social media art, printed parafernalia, and basic animated shorts.

  • Content Creation

    I'm able to write content for different purposes: business presentations, sales pitches, journalism, creative blogging, others.

  • SEO

    Having taken a course in SEO, I'm familiar with the processes and the tools used for improving SEO of a website.

  • Business Research and Analysis

    I'm familiar with the tools and processes in conducting business research and analysis.

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    My History

    Thankful to have a wonderful family, friends and people around me. I was born in the Philippines during the 80s, just years before the Internet hit the world. Life was so much simpler then. I love reading, studying... when I was young, I probably spent more time in the library than any place else. I was granted a scholarship from elementary to high school, and graduated with an IT / Business degree in college.

    After that I spent about 10 years in the music industry. Music and helping musicians became a passion in life. It taught me how to never give up, how to think outside the box; and gave me a lot of experiences I never thought I would have, like organize concerts, meet all kinds of people from around the world - musicians and bands, business people - and travel to different places. Most of all, it gave me treasured friends for life - people you're there for through thick and thin.

    Today I bring these precious experiences with me as a web developer in Vabrato and I’m looking forward to great days ahead with Vabrato Team!

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