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Broker, J.D., General Contractor
My Outlook on Life

I am one of the luckiest guys in the world – I love my job! I always tell my kids to find something to do in life that will allow them to wake up each morning and look forward to their day. I’m very fortunate to have found that when I transitioned into real estate in 2003. I’m extremely privileged to have the opportunity to assist people find the home of their dreams and/or transition out of their existing home. I do not take this privilege for granted nor the trust that my clients bestow upon me. People deserve expert advice and support, that is why I have invested a great deal of personal time and effort to develop valuable skills that better assist my clients.

My Skills at Work for You
I like to think of my unique skill set like an insurance policy for clients, you will hopefully never need it, but will sleep better at night knowing it's there. My unique skills include:
  • 15 Years Local Real Estate Experience

    I’m a local market expert! I’ve lived in the area for 30 years.

  • Law Degree

    Real Estate is all about legally binding agreements.

  • Mechanical Engineering Degree

    Structural engineering reports and/or discussions with engineers canbecome a necessary part of a real estate transaction.

  • Finance Experience

    As a previous Series 6 Equity Analyst I’ve dealt with complex financial matters.

  • Licensed General Contractor / Construction Experience

    From foundations to roofs, I’ve physically done it all.

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    My History

    I was born in Canada, but at the age of two, my family decided to return to Portugal where I spent the next decade growing up. When I was almost 12, my family moved to Santa Barbara and then a couple years later to the Bay Area.

    During my college years I worked local construction jobs while earning my Mechanical Engineering degree coupled with a heavy course load in business. After graduation, I worked as an Engineer in Fortune 500 companies like IBM, Seagate and Applied Materials.

    Some years later I left engineering and employed my business education at Merrill Lynch as a Research Analyst covering companies with multi-billion dollar market caps. One of the highlights of my engineering career was working with my father, Francisco Martinho and it would have been nice if I could have also done a stint with my engineer brother, Frank Martinho, but alas that never happened.

    In 2003, I decided to pursue one of my professional passions, Real Estate. Already invested in both the residential and commercial property sector, I decided to make it a full-time career. The change brought some very important benefits. It kept me closer to home and my family coupled with allowing me to develop deeper, long-term relationships with my clients and community. The flexible realtor schedule also allowed for another goal, to earn a Law Degree, which I completed in 2013.

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