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Jonas B.

After living in S.F. for many years my wife and I decided to move to the peninsula. A pretty classic decision involving kids and wanting more space/better weather. We met Mark, the broker who owns Vabrato, at an open house in Palomar park and were pleasantly surprised by his frank, down to earth manner. A refreshing change after being courted by so many other agents. A week after we met we decided to call him and ask him to be our broker. Our parameters were pretty specific and at our price point it was going to be hard to meet them all. Weeks went by and we started to feel like we were not a priority, but every time I called and asked about a new listing he had already done the research and did not feel it met our criteria. We went to see a few anyway, and he was exactly right. After some time he gave us a call about a property that just came on that matched all of our criteria. It was just what we were looking for. But, there was legal issue that needed resolving as well. Long story short, both the lender and the title agent said it was one of the more complicated deals they had worked on in a long time. I'm pretty sure it would not have closed if we had gone with any other broker. The fact that Mark is also in the process of becoming a real estate attorney turned out to be very helpful. Whether the deal is complicated or straight forward, I cannot imagine working with a better agent.