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Michael L.

Venturing into the world of real estate was terrifying for first time home buyers like my wife and I. We didn't know what to dangers to be wary of, what to avoid, or what pitfalls lie in the homes we were looking at. That's where Mark comes in. Mark will give it to you straight, and fight for you. I mean, he won't physically assault the smarmy agents at the open house, but I swear I've seen him make quite of few of them sweat by asking the hard questions about the houses we were looking at. He stuck with us through our indecision, and never pressured us to settle for a house that was merely "adequate;" he really was in our corner. We must of driven up and down the peninsula looking at all sorts of houses, but he was always accommodating and available for all our questions. He's the guy you want when buying or selling a house.